‘The attorney general is acting as a consigliere for the mob boss -- the president’: Former FBI counterintelligence chief
Former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi (screengrab)

The former assistant general for counterintelligence at the FBI likened Attorney General Bill Barr's congressional testimony to a stun grenade.

Frank Figliuzzi was interviewed by Brian Williams on MSNBC's "The 11th Hour" on Wednesday.

"Brian, look, the performance of this attorney general over the last two days has been abysmal and what he did today -- by invoking the spying connotation -- is he threw what I would call a flashbang grenade into the room," Figluzzi said.

"By that I mean, anyone who has been associated or involved with tactical teams in law enforcement or the military will know that a flashbang grenade is designed to disorient and distract with a flash of light and a loud noise, but it's not meant to take out personnel," he explained. "What he did today was he tossed a flashbang grenade into the room at the behest of this president."

Figliuzzi said, "we have an attorney general who seems to be serving as a consigliere for the mob boss, the president."

"The last two days have gravely disappointed me and left me with little hope that this attorney general is actually going to represent the law, as opposed to representing the president," he added.