Bill Barr must answer these questions about the Mueller report at today's congressional hearing: CNN's John Avalon
Attorney General nominee Bill Barr/MSNBC screen shot

CNN's John Avlon on Tuesday predicted that House Democrats would have several burning questions for Attorney General Bill Barr about his handling of special counsel Robert Mueller's report -- but he wondered whether the attorney general would bother answering any of them.

"There are going to be fireworks whether Barr wants it or not," he said. "Democratic congressmen on the committee... they're saying we'll be coming at you hard."

Avlon said that Barr could just say that he would not answer questions about the Mueller report until later this month when it's finally released -- and the entire hearing could boil down to "irresistible force, meet immovable object."

Nonetheless, Avlon said Barr would have to eventually face Congress's questions about the report -- and he listed off some of the burning questions that he would need to answer.

"Number one, did Mueller ask you to provide your conclusions about obstruction?" Avlon said. "Is Mueller helping you with the redactions now? How much? What did you do with the summaries that Mueller's own people provided you in the report?"

Watch the video below.