BUSTED: Trump had an Assange poster in his debate war room
Composite image. Press conference of Donald Trump, President of United States of America, during NATO. (Shutterstock) and Julian Assange (YouTube)

President Donald Trump on Thursday denied knowing anything about WikiLeaks, the organization that helped his 2016 presidential campaign by releasing emails stolen by the Russian government that damaged Hillary Clinton's campaign.

In the wake of the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on alleged hacking and conspiracy charges, reporters asked the president if he had any comment on the man whose organization he heavily promoted during his election campaign.

"I know nothing about Wikileaks," Trump told reporters. "It’s not my thing."

However, as CNBC's Christina Wilkie reports, Trump loved WikiLeaks so much back in 2016 that he had a poster of Assange in his campaign's debate war room that featured the caption, "Dear Hillary, I miss reading your classified emails."

Additionally, as MSNBC documented last year, Trump referenced WikiLeaks a total of 141 different times while on the campaign trail in 2016 -- watch the video of Trump repeatedly promoting WikiLeaks below.