This Canadian clothing brand found a brilliant way to undermine the symbolism of the MAGA hat

A powerful new advocacy video repurposes the Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat to tell the stories of immigrants and refugees -- and to welcome them to Canada, Ad Week reports.

"For many immigrants, refugees and other people of color already established in America, the deceptively plain-looking MAGA hat represents an ideology that could cost them their security, their health and their lives," Ad Week observes.

The ad agency Zulu Alpha Kilo and Canadian lifestyle brand Peace Collective have launched a campaign called #UnravelHate initiative.

"Make America great again," the ad begins.

"Being married to a woman, I could feel the impending backlash," American expat Cori, who moved to Canada, explains.

“It represents anger and fear and hatred,” she adds about the MAGA hat.

A Palestinian immigrant follows, denouncing the Trump administration for shutting America's door to refugees.

As they speak the threads of the MAGA hat slowly unwind, then broadcast a new message: Welcome to Canada.

“We have an opportunity to tell the world that acceptance is stronger than hate, so the idea was to take a symbol of division and completely transform it,” Roman Hessary, co-founder at Peace Collective, told Ad Week.