CNN analyst warns more firings are coming after Secret Service gets blindsided by chief's ouster
Former Secret Service Director Randolph Alles and former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen/CNN screen shot

CNN special correspondent Jamie Gangel said Monday that President Donald Trump was "cleaning house" after forcing the resignation of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and firing Secret Service Director Randolph Alles -- and predicted more would be coming.

"We're also hearing that senior officials at the Secret Service were surprised about" Alles' firing, said Gangel, adding the Secret Service learned the director was fired from CNN.

"Keep checking your phone, because this feels as if we're going to have rolling people being moved along from Homeland Security," she continued. "Many of these people that we're hearing about, these are people who were picked by John Kelly who was head of Homeland Security before he came chief of staff. It's clear the president is cleaning house."

Host Erica Hill said that as a result of the Trump administration's turnover and inability to find qualified people to work for them, that many government agencies were running on "skeleton staff" and unable to perform their duties.

"This speaks to two things. What's the word we use all the time with Donald Trump? 'Chaos,'" replied Gangel. "The flip side is I've been told a lot of people who are -- he says he gets the best people? Well, a lot of the best people don't want to work for him. They have seen what it's like."

"I spoke to one senior Republican who really wanted to be in this cabinet and lobbied," she said, by way of example. That Republicans "said to me last week, 'zero chance he would take a position in this administration.'"

Watch the video below.