Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo mock Trump for feeling ‘cheated on’ by Fox News
Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo (Photo: Screen capture)

On Tuesday, CNN's host Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon mocked President Donald Trump for being oddly upset with Fox News.

Trump tweeted that it was "weird" to see presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) doing a town hall on Fox News.

"Oddly, the president seemed offended that this was even happening," Cuomo said. "The president is referring to himself and Fox collectively."

"It shows you how he views the relationship that he has with state-run television that we talk about all the time," Lemon said. "It is an echo chamber."

Lemon added, "He is emboldened by a lot of maybe he let the truth slip out. But I think he's aware that people know that. He looks at them as an extension of the Republican Party and also of the White House. I'm not shocked that he feels that way."

Watch below via CNN: