CNN's Don Lemon pummels Trump for weighing in on Notre Dame fire
CNN host Don Lemon/Screenshot

On Monday, CNN's Don Lemon ripped President Donald Trump for after his embarrassing solution to stop the North Dame fire.

The Notre Dame cathedral in Paris caught on fire. As of now, zeros deaths have been reported and the fire is being seen as happening involuntarily.

However, Trump took to Twitter to offer a suggestion for how the fire should have been combated. Trump said that the "flying water tankers" should have been used to put out the fire.

"The president who you probably remember suggested that raking the forest floors would have been prevented the devastating wildfires in northern California had a suggestion for French firefighters today," Lemon said.

"He said perhaps water tankers could be used to put it out. Here's what the French civil defense agency said because they were not having that, and they tweeted this in English by the way. 'While the fire was burning, while it was burning, all means are being used except for water bombing aircraft which, if used, could lead to the collapse of the entire structure of the cathedral,'" Lemon said.

"Again the president said good things but you would think the president who made his name as a builder would know better," Lemon said.

Watch below via CNN: