CNN's Erin Burnett debunks Trump appointee's lies to his face -- and leaves him scrambling for an explanation
CNN's Erin Burnett [ Photo: Screen grab from video]

CNN"s Erin Burnett caught Stephen Moore, recently picked by President Donald Trump to join the Federal Reserve, in a whopper of a lie Thursday night when she pressed him on his past advocacy for the gold standard.

When she raised his past advocacy for the idea, he pretended like it never happened.

"I don't really think I've said anything much about the gold – I'm not in favor of a gold standard," Moore said.

"So, I want to play something for you," she said. "Here you are."

She then played three clips of Moore publicly advocating for the gold standard, including one from December 2016 after Trump's election. A questioner directly asked if he'd push for Trump to return to the gold standard.

"Yeah," said Moore in 2016. "I like the idea of going to a gold standard."

Back in 2019, Moore was clearly caught off guard.

"So, let me respond to that," he said. "I think a gold standard would certainly be better than what we have right now. But I think there's a much better system that we could put in place that would not just look at gold but all commodities."

"So you've changed your mind?" said Burnett. "Because you're very specific..."

"I think a gold standard would be overly restrictive," he said.

But he didn't explain why he initially lied and said he had never talked about the gold standard. What the clip below: