Trump is intervening before drop of Mueller report because he's anxious: CNN’s Jim Acosta
President Donald Trump. (Screenshot)

On Wednesday, following reports that President Donald Trump is advancing new proposal to detain migrants ahead of immigration hearings, CNN reporter Jim Acosta highlighted a particular curiosity: the fact that the president seems keen to change the subject just one day before the redacted form of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia report is scheduled for release by the Justice Department.

Acosta connected this to Trump's hint that he may hold a press conference after Attorney General William Barr's on Thursday morning, and suggested that taken together, they showed that the president is on edge.

"Getting back to the president possibly talking to reporters tomorrow, it does raise the question why the White House, why the president was in such a celebratory mood when the Barr letter came out, summing up the Mueller findings," said Acosta. "The other question, of course, obviously, is why the president feels the need to try to reshape the news cycle if he has nothing to worry about."

"Certainly goes to this narrative that we've heard over the last several days that anxiety levels are going up over here at the White House, and among those officials, those former officials who spoke with the Mueller team," Acosta added.

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