Conservative torches 'lawless' attorney general for being 'too chicken' to testify to Congress
Attorney General nominee Bill Barr/MSNBC screen shot

Attorney General Bill Barr had nothing to hide -- until he was asked to testify before Congress. Now he suddenly has nothing to say and conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin is calling him out on it.

"Applause for @RepJerryNadler for having counsel question Barr, who is too chicken to show. Yes, subpoena him. Hold him in contempt. And if need be impeach him. The AG is lawless," Rubin tweeted Sunday.

According to CNN, “Barr has warned Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee he won’t show up to this week’s highly anticipated hearing if they stick to the format the chairman has proposed for the questioning, according to a committee source with knowledge of the matter.”

Barr has promised transparency during the process of the special counsel's investigation, but when given the opportunity to set the record straight, he seems to be backing out.

Trump has told all of his top aides they must defy all subpoenas from Congress. The legislative branch has the right to hold those subpoenaed in contempt of Congress if they refuse to appear or testify, those that is rarely enforced.