Dan Rather destroys Donald Trump’s talking point that the president ‘has nothing to hide’
Retired anchorman Dan Rather (screengrab)

Longtime CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather called out President Donald Trump for lying during a Tuesday appearance interview with CNN's Don Lemon.

The host asked Rather about Trump's reversal on whether special counsel Robert Mueller's report should be released.

"If it completely exonerates him, as he has falsely claimed, what is the big deal?" Lemon asked.

"Now one can speculate -- and it's clear speculation -- that one reason President Trump has reversed himself is that members of his staff were telling him, 'Look, this is good news, we're good thus far, but don't get too far out there because there are things in the report, there certainly could be things in the report that will be contrary to your best interests,'" he explained.

"You have the president -- today, he lied," Rather charged. "I hate to use the word, but he lied."

"It's tough when you're talking about the president of the United States," Lemon interjected.

"It is, still very tough," Rather replied. He lied about Puerto Rico saying we sent $91 billion there, which is not anywhere near the amount of money we sent there."

"But, you know, he takes the attitude, if he lies often enough, enough people will believe it to keep him in good standing for this presidential term and put him well positioned for the next presidential term," Rather explained. "Time and time again, you see him use this technique, which he says I have nothing to hide."

"Well, if he has nothing to hide, why haven't we seen his tax returns?" the legendary reporter wondered. "If he has nothing to hide, if [the Mueller report] completely exonerates him ... if it exonerates him, he should want it out there for everybody to see."