'Destruction' of parts of Mueller's findings is a serious risk: House Intelligence Democrat
Robert Mueller testifies before Congress (screengrab)

The revelation that special counsel Robert Mueller's prosecution team disputes Attorney General William Barr's summary of their report on Russian interference and the potential evidence against President Donald Trump has raised the alarm of House Democrats on Capitol Hill.

On Thursday, House Intelligence Committee member Mike Quigley (D-IL) told Politico congressional reporter Kyle Cheney that he fears the outright "destruction" of portions of Mueller's findings:

The Washington Post has reported that members of Mueller's team did not expect Barr to summarize the report for the public in his own words, raising the possibility that they had planned to make their own summary of the report.

Barr said that the Mueller investigation "did not establish" conspiracy between the Russian government and any member of Trump's campaign, and that it did not make a determination either way about whether the president obstructed justice.