'Embarrassing and traitorous': RNC slammed for spinning Mueller report to blame Russian election interference on Obama
President Barack Obama eulogizing Sen. John McCain at the National Cathedral.

The Republican National Committee swiftly used special counsel Robert Mueller's redacted report to attack former President Barack Obama — and earned a swift rebuke from Twitter.

"Russia interfered on Obama's watch" reads the headline of the Thursday GOP press release, which erroneously claims that "well before the 2016 election, the Obama admin was aware of Russia’s intentions to interfere in the 2016 [election], and decided to do absolutely nothing about it."

NPR's Scott Detrow said the claim made for "interesting spin."

NBC News' Josh Lederman, meanwhile, laid out the context of the claim when he noted that the RNC is "seizing on the factoid" from the report that the Kremlin-linked Internet Research Agency's "interference attempts" began in 2014, during Obama's presidency.

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