ESPN writer who was stalked at Super Bowl explains why men should ignore chivalry and 'exit the elevator first'
Mina Kimes (ESPN/screen grab)

ESPN writer Mina Kimes this week advised men to understand how some women feel terrified when they are in an elevator alone with an unknown man.

In a series of tweets on Sunday, Kimes said that men should let go of chivalrous notions in favor of more practical advice. She also revealed that she had been "followed" by men during the Super Bowl.

"[I] don't think this occurs to most guys, so: when you get into a hotel elevator with a strange woman, try to press your button first. [A]nd if you get off on the same floor, exit the elevator first," she wrote.

"I realize this runs counter to norms of chivalry, and 99.9999% of people don't have bad intentions, but--as someone who has been followed, and has had to turn around, fake phone calls, etc.--it really helps," she added.

Kimes pointed out that ESPN's Pablo Torre "was on the receiving end of one of those calls with some dudes [who] followed me during the Super Bowl."

Read the tweets below.