Ex-FBI official offers fascinating theory that Mueller grand jury wanted to subpoena Trump
Former FBI Assistant Director Frank Figliuzzi on MSNBC (screengrab)

The former assistant director for counterintelligence at the FBI presented a fascinating theory on one particular section of special counsel Robert Mueller's report.

Frank Figliuzzi, an analyst for MSNBC, was interviewed by anchor Brian Williams during the network's special coverage of the report's release.

Reading through the report, Figliuzzi said, "I'm finding evidence of the mind of Mueller and even, perhaps, the mind of the grand jury sitting in this case."

Figliuzzi drew attention to Appendix C of the report.

"So that appendix begins explaining that for over a year, Mueller sought and sought and fought for a personal sit-down with the president and of course, that was declined," he explained. "And he discusses the insufficiency of written responses and why he needs to talk to the president, but then we see a redaction."

[caption id="attachment_1485895" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Appendix C of special counsel Robert Mueller's report (screengrab)[/caption]

"Now, I don't know how to have x-ray vision...I can't see through black ink very well, but I'm going to make an educated guess here based on the context of what comes before this blacked-out redaction and what comes immediately after it," he said.

"But what is behind that redacted portion of the grand jury material? I think it is the grand jury saying we want the president in front of this grand jury, we need to know why he is not being interviewed personally," Figliuzzi explained. "And that is the context I see this Appendix C giving us."