Ex-prosecutor Maya Wiley slams AG Bill Barr’s testimony: 'Where is the transparency?'
MSNBC legal analyst Maya Wiley (screengrab)

On Tuesday, former federal prosecutor and legal analyst Maya Wiley blasted Attorney General William Barr in discussion with Chris Hayes on MSNBC's "All In." In Barr's latest hearing before Congress, Wiley said, he went back on his word to be transparent and open with the American people.

"Let's go back to Barr's confirmation hearing," said Wiley. "He said the most important thing for the American people was that as much of this report that could be made publicly available be made publicly available ... he also said today that he would not  would not  seek approval from the court to make available grand jury material that he absolutely has the power to go to the court and say 'I think this should be made public.'"

"Let's put aside what the report says and the implications of the report are," Wiley continued. "For our democracy, the most important thing to know exactly what Mueller knew, and for voters and Congress to make decisions. Voters make decisions on whether or not they want to vote for Trump again. Congress has to make decisions on whether there's an impeachable offense."

"I'm going to keep going back to the person who sat before Congress and said 'transparency is the most important thing here so the country can move forward,' and yet we know that you were handed summaries that the Mueller team wrote, and you did not dispute that today, by the way in the testimony," Wiley added. "Did not dispute that you could not release the summaries in short order, but chose not to."

"Where is the transparency?" she demanded. "Where is the very thing you said was so central to what we needed to do as a country to move forward?"

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