Ex-prosecutor schools Robert Mueller on how he could have dragged Trump into court on criminal conspiracy charges
Composite image of Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen captures)

On Saturday, former prosecutor and Georgetown Law School professor Paul Butler told MSNBC's Joy Reid that if he had been in special counsel Robert Mueller's shoes, and wanted to charge President Donald Trump with a crime, he would have reminded the jury of one of the president's most damning behind-closed-doors moments.

"I think a bold, gutsy prosecutor would have charged President Trump with conspiracy to defraud the United States," said Butler. "Bob Mueller is not that prosecutor. He's very cautious. He only brings cases that are slam dunks, which is why he wins all of his cases."

"If I were prosecuting the case, my opening statement would have started, 'Ladies and gentleman of the jury, when President Trump learned that there was an investigation, he didn't say, that's crazy, but I'm glad because my good name will be cleared. What he said was that, there's a criminal investigation of me for working with the Russians to get elected, then that's that the end of my presidency, I'm f-ed.'"

"That's not what an innocent person says, and that's exactly why he got so busy obstructing the investigation those ten different times. Because he was properly concerned that if there was a thorough investigation of his efforts to work with the Russians to get elected, that he would be in deep trouble."

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