'It's as if he failed an Alzheimer's competency test': Chris Matthews says of Trump's written responses
MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews (screengrab).

President Donald Trump managed to avoid direct questions by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, despite requests. Instead, Trump was given a "take-home test" of questions for his lawyers to digest and find convenient answers.

In a panel discussion with MSNBC legal analysts and hosts, Chris Matthews said that reading Trump's answers made him seem like he had a degenerative brain disease.

"Can anybody believe the president's responses, those written responses to the take-home exam he was given by Mueller?" Matthews asked. "My God, it was like he had failed an Alzheimer's competency test."

The Mueller report revealed Trump replied "I can't remember" a total of 36 times

"I can't remember. I can't remember. We've been talking in the last couple of days thanks to Robert Kaiser in The Post about what is too old to be president. My God, if you can't remember anything, is that to be believed?" Matthews continued. "Of course it is not to be believed. He is competent to remember all those instances but is somehow using that as his refuge."

He went on to say that what bothers him most in the Mueller report is that the special counsel said that he can't indict the president so he's decided not to indict the president.

"I've decided not to because it will curtail his ability to be president," Matthews said, paraphrasing Mueller. "Therefore I can't accuse because it would be unfair to someone who I can't indict to accuse them because then they wouldn't have the recourse of a court to defend themselves in. So, what was he doing if he can't indict the president, he can't accuse the president, 'Well, oh, I can't exonerate the president.' So, his verdict was that unclear sort of the old Scottish verdict thing unproven, I can't exonerate him. I think that it is very unsatisfactory."

Watch the full commentary below: