'She should be in f*cking prison': Internet unleashes on Kirstjen Nielsen as Trump shows her the door
Composite image of Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen on CBS and Donald Trump on CNN (screengrabs)

Homeland Security Secretary had no intention of resigning during her 5 p.m. EST meeting with President Donald Trump, but shortly after arriving, news leaked to CBS that she was out.

According to CNN, Trump is frustrated with current asylum laws and has worked to find ways to bar anyone from Latin American coming into the United States. He's already attempted to supersede Congress and fund his border wall using a national emergency declaration. While at the US/Mexico border Friday, Trump reportedly told border patrol officers to stop allowing people into the country altogether.

The president's absurd policies on the border reached a new level, according to CNN.

"A senior administration official also telling CNN that Secretary Nielsen, 'believed the situation was becoming untenable with the president becoming increasingly unhinged about the border crisis and making unreasonable and even impossible requests,'" quoted host Ana Cabrara.

But MSNBC host Kasie Hunt refused to let Nielsen escape blame. During her Sunday opening segment, Hunt asked if becoming the face of Trump's family separation policy was "worth it."

Read the full list of attack tweets about Nielsen below: