Federal judge slams Bill Barr for creating chaos around Mueller report
AG William Barr testifies before Congress. (Image via AFP/Nicholas Kamm.)

Attorney General Bill Barr is expected to release the special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Thursday. However, since he released his short 4-page conclusion of the report, several have demanded the full report be made public.

U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton said that Barr's handling of the report created a "public mistrust."

“The attorney general has created an environment that has caused a significant part of the public … to be concerned about whether or not there is full transparency,” he said.

Adding, “I would hope that the government is as transparent as it can be."

Even with his criticism of Barr, he was cautious not to offer too much information about the release of the report.

"But despite Walton’s criticism, he denied a request from BuzzFeed to issue a preliminary injunction requiring the Justice Department to release Mueller’s report by Thursday," Politico reported.

"A Justice Department spokeswoman said Monday that the nearly 400-page report, with redactions, will be released that morning to Congress and the public. However, the online media outlet pressed for an order requiring the release of the portions that must be disclosed under FOIA," the report said.