Former Obama White House lawyer expects to be indicted on charges in Mueller-related case
Robert Mueller testifies before Congress (Photo: Screen capture)

Special Counsel Rober Mueller’s core investigation has wrapped up, but the leads uncovered by his work have spun off to other parts of the Justice Department and are already generating new cases.

And according to lawyers for Gregory Craig, White House counsel under President Barack Obama, he expects to be brought up on charges soon by the department as the first person indicted in a Mueller-related case since the probe ended. Craig would also be the first prominent Democrat charged in a matter related to the special counsel’s work.

The Washington Post reported that the charge relates to his work with President Donald Trump’s ex-campaign chair Paul Manafort in Ukraine in 2012.

Investigators have focused in on whether Craig made false statements to the department regarding registration as a foreign agent, the Post reported. In its work, the special counsel’s team made extensive use of foreign agent registration charges, a practice that had apparently suffered from lax enforcement.

Craig’s attorneys denied that he is guilty on any charges.