Former Texas GOP official arrested for ‘aggravated sexual assault of a child’: report
Bo Dresner mugshot from the Hays County Jail via the 'San Marcos Daily Record'

The former sergeant-at-arms for the Hays County Republican Party was arrested for aggravated sexual assault of a child, the San Marcos Record reports.

"Bo Michael Dresner was booked into the Hays County Jail on April 3 and had not been released as of press time," the newspaper noted.

Dresner is being held on $250,000 bond.

"The affidavit also states that Child Protective Services (CPS) Investigator Alexandra Rodriguez removed four children from Dresner’s custody on March 28," the paper explained. "County court records show that there were three CPS cases filed on March 29 regarding the custody of four children in which Dresner was named as a party."

The abuse may have gone back seven years.

"An archived copy of the Hays County Republican Party’s website from March 2018 lists him as the Precinct 336 chair and sergeant-at-arms for 2016-2018," the newspaper reported. "The affidavit states that the victim was younger than 14 years of age at the time of the offense and that, during a forensic interview, the victim said Dresner gave her 'unidentified medicine' before the alleged offense."

Dresner is faced with a minimum prison term of 25 years.