Fox News host Shep Smith blasts AG Bill Barr’s spin: ‘We were deceived’
Fox chief news anchor Shep Smith (screengrab)

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith on Thursday explained to his audience how voters were "deceived" by Attorney General Bill Barr's claims about what was included in the report by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Smith noted the discrepancy between whether Barr views his job as working for the American people or being the personal attorney for President Donald Trump.

"If the goal is to control the narrative though -- though the attorney general is supposed to work for the people, not the president -- in this case if you're the president and the attempt is to control the narrative, in other words to tell people, here's what it's going to say before it gets out there, all 448 pages, if I'm the president, I'm happy with what William Barr did this morning," he explained.

"But if I'm one seeking the truth about what is in this report, in many cases we were deceived," he noted.

"Specifically, he said that the president fully cooperated, where the president was openly trying to keep people from cooperating and openly trying to keep his own testimony from them," Smith reported. "That is not full cooperation by anyone's definition."