Fox pundit infuriates conservative guest by comparing Bill Barr to a 'deep state' conspiracy theorist
Fox News' Jessica Tarlov (Screen cap).

Fox News' Jessica Tarlov on Thursday angered a conservative fellow Fox News panelist by calling out Attorney General Bill Barr for sounding like a conspiracy theorist during his Senate testimony on Wednesday.

During a debate over Democrats' angry reaction to Barr's accusation that the FBI improperly "spied" on Trump's campaign, Tarlov said Democrats had a right to be upset because he sounded more like a Fox News pundit than an attorney general.

"What Nancy Pelosi was reacting to... was the attorney general of the United States of America using right-wing talking points," she said. "So using the term 'spying,' when it was a counterintelligence investigation into Trump campaign officials tied to the Russians."

"That's not what she said!" objected host Bill Hemmer. "She said he's the attorney general of the United States, not the attorney general of Donald Trump."

"That's right," Tarlov continued. "You could have heard Bill Barr use the term 'spying' and you could have heard the same thing from someone who is a 'deep stater' and who thinks this was a big cabal to get the president out!"

"What’s the matter if it’s true?” conservative David Asman said, trying to interrupt.

"There is a legitimate reason to investigate that -- there were campaign officials with ties to Russia and they lied about it!" she replied.

Watch the video below.