Fox's Lou Dobbs forced to issue retraction about false claim of president's 'soaring' popularity
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs -- screenshot

President Donald Trump enthusiastically shared an image of a poll broadcast by Fox Business' Lou Dobbs on Wednesday evening, showing his approval rating "soaring" at 55 percent. But the poll in question actually showed Trump with a 43 percent approval rating — the 55 percent figure is actually his unfavorable rating.

The president took much ridicule for this, but at least in this case it wasn't entirely his fault — Dobbs, a massive Trump supporter, bears blame for putting out the incorrect information. And on Thursday, he issued a retraction.

Dobbs said that before he shared the latest poll on "radical Dimms [sic]," he "would like to repair" the incorrect information he reported the previous evening: his reporting of "a Georgetown poll showed president had an overall approval rating of 55 percent — the number, in fact, is 43 percent."

Watch below: