Freshman Democrat details the creepy sexist behaviors she is subjected to every day on Capitol Hill
Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA)/MSNBC screen shot

Freshman House Democrat Katie Hill (D-CA) told CNN on Thursday that she deals with "inappropriate behavior" from her male colleagues every single day on Capitol Hill -- and provided some truly gross examples.

"Honestly most days you have something that is, you know, an inappropriate comment or something sexist that happens in the hallway," Hill said. "I worked in an industry in the nonprofit sector that was largely dominated by women, especially in leadership and so when I came into the field of politics, it was a totally different story. And once I got to Capitol Hill, oh my gosh, completely different." And there is a reason --

"Can you be specific? Be specific," said host Brooke Baldwin, pursing her lips.

"I was talking with one of my colleagues on the floor, and he gives a lot of these one-minute speeches and it is an opportunity to have to talk about any subject for one minute," Hill replied.

"I was like, 'oh, you're Mr. One-minute Man' referring to the speeches," she said. "And he's like, 'I can also be One-minute Man and Mr. Five-minute Man, whatever kind of man you want' -- and it was just like ooh."

"I truly don't believe that he meant anything by it except for just, 'dude, you can't say that,'" Hill continued. "Yesterday I had another my colleagues who said, 'I had a woman who is running against me who came out just recently and announced' and he's asking me about her and he's like, 'well is she a babe?' And I'm like, what?"

"It falls on us to say that is inappropriate," said Baldwin.

"Throughout the course of the campaign and now being here in Congress, you take on a responsibility of educating people about a whole range of different things," Hill replied. "And that's been something that I am raising."

Watch the video below.