George Conway and top GOP lawyers say Founding Fathers would have held impeachment trial for Trump
Composite image of George Conway and President Donald Trump (screengrabs)

Prominent conservative attorneys released a public statement on Tuesday saying the framers of America's Constitution would have held an impeachment trial in the Senate for President Donald Trump.

The statement on special counsel Robert Mueller's report was signed by prominent Republican attorneys, including George Conway, whose wife, Kellyanne, is White House counselor.

"The report further revealed a pattern of behavior that is starkly inconsistent with the President’s constitutional duty to 'take care that the laws be faithfully executed,'" the statement read.

"The facts contained in the report reveal that the President engaged in persistent conduct intended to derail, undermine and obstruct ongoing federal investigations," they wrote.

"In light of the longstanding Department of Justice legal opinion that a sitting President cannot be indicted, we view it as irrelevant whether there is a prosecutorial recommendation that the crime of obstruction has been committed. Instead, we believe that the President’s conduct demonstrates a flagrant disregard for the rule of law — a disregard that is in direct conflict with his constitutional responsibilities, including his commitment under oath to 'preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,'” the statement continued.

"Information in the report also reveals that the President is willing to abuse presidential authority to pressure or remove Senate-confirmed officials for purposes that undermine lawful functioning of government and to direct subordinates to falsify the record on matters he knew were or likely were under investigation," they added.

"The report’s details add to an existing body of information already in the public domain documenting the President’s violations of his oath, including but not limited to his denigration of the free press, verbal attacks on members of the judiciary, encouragement of law enforcement officers to violate the law, and incessant lying to the American people," they noted.

"We believe the framers of the Constitution would have viewed the totality of this conduct as evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors," they conclude. "Accordingly, Congress, which carries its own constitutional oversight responsibilities, should conduct further investigation."

Read the full statement here.