GOP lawmaker quotes anti-Semitic website to attack journalist who exposed his ties to far-right extremists
Rep. Matt Shea, R-Spokane Valley -- Washington State House

GOP state Rep. Matt Shea of Spokane, Washington did not appreciate the recent article in The Guardian revealing his extensive discussions with far-right activists.

In response, he posted an angry Facebook rant linking to an article attacking the Guardian piece's author, Jason Wilson, of ties to "violent Marxist revolutionaries":

Unfortunately, as Wilson himself soon revealed, Shea's source for the attack was less than reputable:

Shea, an anti-government extremist, has supported the armed occupation of an Oregon wildlife refuge in 2015, circulated a Biblical manifesto calling for holy war, and advocates the secession of eastern Washington into a new state. Wilson's article documented how he and the local activists he privately messaged openly longed for civil war, fantasized about gruesome methods of torture and assault against their political enemies, and requested "background checks" on local liberals.

Democrats have called for Shea's resignation. The state GOP, which recently stripped Shea of committee assignments, has condemned his involvement with the activists.