GOP strategist has ‘no confidence’ that Barr will release anything other than a whitewashed Mueller report
Special counsel Robert Mueller and Donald Trump (Wikimedia Commons)

Republican strategist Rick Tyler cracked wise on MSNBC Monday, saying he expected attorney general Bill Barr to redact so much of the Mueller report that he was going to invest in ink.

"Rick, I am guessing we're all excited for transparency, but you watched Bill Barr last week," said host Stephanie Ruhle, setting up the segment. "Do you have any sense of confidence or optimism we are going to get that transparency?"

"No, I just made a note to buy ink stock," joked Tyler.

The Mueller report is "tantamount to an oppo research document," Tyler went on. "There's nothing in it that's good for the president, it's bad."

"The president knows this," he added pointing to Trump's early morning rant on Twitter. "He goes on to say, 'investigate the investigators.' What does that mean? We're going to investigate the people who just exonerated you? This doesn't make any sense."

"The only way to investigate it is to release the report. Let Congress and the American people decide how the president behaved," Tyler continued. "It may not rise to a criminal conspiracy but impeachment is not based on political conspiracy or legal standards, it's based on what members of Congress think he did."

Watch the video below.