'He's always been weak!': Ex-DOJ official tears into Rod Rosenstein and slams his 'begging and pleading' to Trump

With the end of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation and a slew of shady actions coming from the leadership of the Justice Department, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's reputations for credibility is facing a severe re-examination.

And on Friday, a new report from the Washington Post revealed previously unknown details about an episode in which Rosenstein was nearly fired in September 2018. According to the Post, Rosenstein spoke to Trump in an effort to stay on at the department, told him he could "land the plane" of the Russia investigation because he had "credibility."

On MSNBC's "Deadline: White House," Matthew Miller, a former spokesperson for the DOJ, was outraged at the report.

"It is a deeply disturbing report because what it shows is unethical conduct by the deputy attorney general," he said. "Even without the way the investigation ended — just having the conversation with the president itself, and giving the president this assurance, is just an unethical thing for the deputy to do. In any case, he shouldn't be talking to the president about an investigation into the president. Under any circumstances. And he shouldn't be giving him assurances about how that investigation will end. And he especially shouldn't be doing it at a time when he's begging and pleading for his own job."

Miller continued: "The way to understand Rod is that he's weak! And he's always been weak! He was weak at the beginning of this investigation when he signed off on the Comey firing and gave the president the excuse, despite — we now know, having read the Mueller report — that he knew why the president was firing Comey, that it was over the Russia investigation. He was weak when the president pressured him to open a counter-investigation into the investigation, into how it started, to ask the inspector general to do it. He did that despite there being no predicate. Despite knowing it was the president trying to undermine the investigation. And that he was weak when he signed on to Bill Barr's dishonest and misleading press conference and dishonest and misleading letter about the end of the investigation. He didn't have to do any of those things."

Watch the clip below: