House and Senate Democrats – with no GOP counterparts – come to major infrastructure deal with Trump
Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer with House and Senate Democrats (Screen Capture)

Will Trump pull the rug out? Probably. We've seen this movie before.

Top House and Senate Democrats sat down with President Donald Trump late Tuesday morning and about 90 minutes later emerged announcing a major infrastructure deal has been reached.

The cost: $2 trillion.

How will it be paid for?

No one knows.

Will Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell allow whatever bill comes from this long overdue deal get to the floor for a vote?

No one knows.

Will this legislation favor red states over blue states?

No one knows.

An infrastructure bill is critical. America is literally falling apart at the seams. But Democrats should be wary, given Trump's history of promising the moon then pretending he never said what he did.

Here's the list of participants:

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