Joe Biden Democratic favorite by 24 points in new CNN poll
Joe Biden (Screen Capture)

Joe Biden is leading the top choice among Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters, and by a huge margin. According to a CNN poll released Tuesday, nearly four in 10 (39%) pick the former Vice President as their top choice. That's an 11-point bump from last month's CNN poll.

In second place is Senator Bernie Sanders, with 15%.

Senator Elizabeth Warren jumps to third place, with 8%.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg comes in fourth with 7%.

Former Rep. Beto O'Rourke gets 6%, Senator Kamala Harris 5%.

The other candidates came in with less than 2%.

That said, the majority if Democrats are open to changing their minds, given how early it is in the race.

Axios notes that "Biden also holds double-digit leads in the CNN poll among demographics more favorable to Sanders, including voters under 45, liberals, and whites."

When CNN asked which of the candidates voters wanted to hear more about, Sen. Kamala Harris topped the list, at 23%. Sen. Elizabeth Warren came in a close second with 20%. Biden took 19%, Buttigieg 17%, Senator Cory Booker – who did not make the 2% cut off in the top list was next, at 15%. O'Rourke also took 15%. And Sanders at 12%.