Joe Scarborough trashes Lindsey Graham for ‘cleaning up for Trump’ after trying to impeach Clinton for far less
Old footage of Lindsey Graham. (Screenshot)

MSNBC's Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough levied a scathing attack on South Carolina Republican senator Lindsey Graham on Thursday, mocking him for being President Donald Trump's clean-up boy after trying to impeach President Bill Clinton for far lesser offenses.

"We also were friends during the impeachment of Bill Clinton," Scarborough said to his guest, House Oversight Chair Elijah Cummings (D-MD). "I voted for two articles of impeachment, you didn't. My standard then is my standard now which is, if a working-class guy couldn't get away with lying to the grand jury, then the president shouldn't."

"Forget the personal side of it -- let's just talk about the abuse of public trust," Scarborough continued. "How much worse Donald Trump's examples of obstruction of justice were compared, to Bill Clinton's?"

"I am here to tell everybody, there is no comparison," he went on, answering his own question. "Lindsey Graham running around trying to clean this up for Donald Trump, he was prosecuting Bill Clinton in the Senate for something that pales in comparison to what we read about yesterday."

"I would say it's at least -- what President Trump has done is at least 100 times worse," Cummings added, taking a swipe at Attorney General Bill Barr for good measure. "He seemed very sympathetic to the fact that the president came with somewhat of a cloud being investigated. Well, duh, he did that to himself."

""When Bill Clinton got elected in 1992, I mean, Republicans never ever gave him a break and I was one of those who from the very beginning went after him," Scarboroough recalled. "Donald Trump does not deserve protection from his attorney general because people play hardball in Washington, D.C."

Watch the video below.