Major Trump inaugural funder faces second federal probe as investigation continues to heat up
President Donald Trump. (AFP / SAUL LOEB)

The Trump inaugural continues to cause trouble for the administration, as a second federal probe has been opened against inaugural donor Imaad Zuberi, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Zuberi was a Democratic donor but supported Trump in 2016. His gifts to the President's inaugural totaled $1 million and he attended multiple inaugural events.

Federal legal teams in New York and Los Angeles are looking into Zuberi's links to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Qatar and Turkey.

The two probes differ, the WSJ notes. One looks at communications between the Trump inaugural committee and Zuberi. The other has to do with whether foreign money illegally funded the Trump inaugural.

The controversies over improper funding of Trump's inaugural and other Trump campaign and administration activities continue to rack up, even as the President claims the Barr memo cleared him of any wrongdoing. A redacted version of the Mueller report is expected to be released tomorrow.