Mark Meadows bizarrely defends Trump by saying it's not a crime for Chris Cuomo to ask Jim Jordan to punch him
Chris Cuomo, Jim Jordan, and Mark Meadows (Image credit: CNN)

On CNN Friday, Chris Cuomo clashed with Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Mark Meadows (R-NC) over whether President Donald Trump's attempt to make former White House Counsel Don McGahn fire special counsel Robert Mueller constituted a criminal offense.

"The president goes to Don McGahn and says, 'you need to do this to stop this,' and the guy has to threaten to resign or leave for it not to happen," said Cuomo. "And you ignore it. I think that matters too."

"He didn't do it," insisted Jordan. "He didn't fire Mueller."

"Asking matters Jim," said Cuomo. "If I ask you to punch Mr. Meadows and you don't do it, the request was still wrong."

"Yeah, the request may have been wrong, but it's not a crime unless he assaults me," cut in Meadows.

"Is that our standard?" asked Cuomo incredulously. "Is that why you got into public service?"

Mueller had plenty of evidence to support Trump wanting to obstruct the investigation, but kicked the final decision to Congress rather than break DOJ policy and try to indict the president himself.

Watch below: