MSNBC conservative ridicules Trump and the GOP for chasing after female voters: 'It's fruitless'
Female Trump supporters gaze on the president in a Raleigh, NC rally. Image via Chip Somodevilla/AFP.

A conservative Washington Post columnist slammed the Republican Party for trying to win back women voters while having Donald Trump at the head of the ticket.

"I think it’s fruitless to try to dress this up," Jennifer Rubin told MSNBC host Yasmin Vossoughian. "Their agenda is not one that many American women like. The president is a walking talking example of what women don’t like either in their private lives or public office."

Republicans will have a "huge problem" with Trump on the ballot in 2020 regarding the gender wage gap too, Rubin argued.

"The gender gap was enormous in 2018," she said. "I suspect with Trump on the ballot in 2020, it will be even worse."

"If there is a Democrat either at the top of the ticket or the bottom who is a woman or even a man who is able to exploit this and talk to women in a way that they appreciate, which is rationally, problem solving, addressing issues they care about, the Republican Party is in a huge amount of trouble," Rubin said.

The Republican Party, she added later in the segment, "cannot get out of their own way."

"That’s who they are right now," Rubin concluded.

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