MSNBC host tears into lawmakers' pathetic excuses to avoid impeachment proceedings against Trump
Image via Wikimedia

Congressional Republicans and even many Democrats appear steadfastly opposed to impeaching President Donald Trump, despite Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report laying out compelling evidence that he obstructed justice in the course of the Russia investigation on numerous occasions.

But as MSNBC's Ari Melber argued Monday night, there are few compelling reasons to accept this position. Mueller's investigation uncovered and analyzed numerous acts by the president that appear to meet all the elements of obstruction of justice, and it also made clear that only Congress can hold a president to account.

"What would it say if, after all of this, Congress takes that evidence and announces: 'Well, we can't even begin proceedings to assess these facts because the politics might be bad for us'?" said Melber "I'm going to tell you something. If that is how this all ends — a whimper topped with a blatant confession that it's all based on self-interest — then the responsibility will lie not only with the president who is saddled with criminal evidence against him, but with those who had a chance to act here and now and instead said: 'Well, we won't use our power to stand up to this. We're afraid of the politics.'"

He continued: "Aren't Democrats in Congress the ones who spent two years asking: When would Republicans stand up to Donald Trump regardless of their politics?"

Melber noted that he wasn't calling for a particular outcome and said it wasn't clear what impeachment proceedings would uncover. But he said that, given Mueller's report, it's clear the ball is now in Congress's court — as we always knew it would be.

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