Mueller proved 'Putin's Little Helpers' handed Trump the election — now Congress needs to take him down: Conservative commentator
President Donald Trump threatens his enemies from the Oval Office/CNN screen shot

Special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Russian interference in the 2020 presidential election may be over. But, writes conservative commentator Rick Wilson for The Daily Beast, the fallout is just beginning.

"Americans now have confirmation for the history books of the most crucial in-kind donation to an American presidential campaign, ever," Wilson writes. "We see in black-and-white the degree and depth of the Russian active measures, propaganda, and intelligence warfare efforts that were the secret sauce of Trump’s 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton. It wasn't just MAGA or the Wall or celebrity bullshitting. An essential element of Trump’s victory was the work of Putin’s Little Helpers."

"And we have confirmation that at this critical moment, we had an attorney general who put Donald, not America, first," Wilson continues. "In this White House bedlam, Trump has been saved [by] his own ineptitude — with a big assist from Bill Barr — by aides and allies just brave or afraid enough to ignore his criminal diktats."

Mueller's report may not have directly charged the president or members of his family with a crime, Wilson writes, but it is still politically disastrous for him.

Trump's allies, Wilson, notes, "They had hoped to turn the Mueller Report against itself — 'no puppet' style — to argue it exposed prosecutorial excesses and a conspiracy against Trump," but instead the report was levelheaded and professional to the point of being unassailable. On the other hand, the report all but invites Congress to take the baton on allegations Trump committed obstruction of justice, and take it they will.

"Congress now gets its bite of the apple, and the hidden secrets of Trump’s 2016 campaign and his reign of misrule will continue to come into the light," Wilson says. "Mueller's obstruction section practically screams for Congress to dig deeper, and exercise their right to hold the president accountable for his actions, including — most certainly — abuse of the powers of his office."

Wilson concludes by mocking Trump's recent Game of Thrones meme mocking his political opponents for not securing criminal charges against him. "Never take a victory lap until you’re sure the race is over," writes Wilson. "Trump hijacked the Game of Thrones font to tweet 'Game Over,' but it still looks more like Winter Is Coming."