Mueller report raises fears that Trump's 'mental capacity' is lacking -- and getting worse: psychiatrists
Donald Trump (AFP Photo/Timothy A. Clary)

A group of psychiatrists has combed through special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and have concluded that it raises several questions about President Donald Trump's "mental capacity."

The report, which is titled "Mental Health Analysis of the Special Counsel’s Report on the Investigation Into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election," says that the 400-plus pages of the Mueller report provide "a wealth of

relevant information regarding the President’s mental capacity," which they say is necessary for the president to perform the complex tasks that his job requires.

The psychiatrists then run down how the Mueller report documents a series of disturbing behavior patterns by the president that indicate his mental capacity seems to be severely lacking.

Among other things, they argue, the report highlights Trump's patterns of serial mendacity, his frequent loss of emotional control, his poor memory, and his inability to consider the consequences of his actions, such as when he ordered former White House counsel Don McGahn to fire Mueller and then ordered him to lie about this order when it was revealed by the New York Times.

Yale University professor Bandy Lee, the lead author of the report, tells the Huffington Post that Trump ought to submit himself to an independent psychological evaluation to ensure he has the mental capacity to be president.

“If he believes he is fit, he should agree to submit to one," she said.

Read the whole report here.