Mueller report raises new questions about Erik Prince — and House Dems plan to drag him back in to testify: MSNBC reporter
Erik Prince (YouTube)

Washington Post senior political reporter Aaron Blake told MSNBC on Friday that the Mueller report has raised new questions for House Democrats about Blackwater CEO Erik Prince's Congressional testimony -- and they may soon drag him back in to clarify matters.

"Erik Prince was the founder of Blackwater, he's the brother of Betsy DeVos. He's somebody who's very much connected to Trump World," Blake said. "There've been questions previously about whether he misled Congress in his testimony about his meeting in the Seychelles with a Russian banker."

"He said, basically, that the trip was not about that meeting, that he didn't really know who the guy was," Blake went on. "Mueller's report really paints an entirely different picture."

"This is something Democrats could potentially drag Erik Prince up to the Hill to explain," he said, and citing his sources in the Capitol, added "they were looking at it before, now they're very much looking at it even more at this point."

Watch the video below.