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Mueller’s 14 criminal referrals may lead to new targets being drawn into investigation: former federal prosecutor



On Friday, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner told MSNBC’s Ari Melber that while special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is over and his report is released, the prosecutions are a long way from being finished.

Specifically, Kirschner noted the 14 referrals of potential crimes Mueller’s office made to other prosecutors.

“I don’t think this is over by a long shot,” said Kirschner. “Because with respect to every one of those 14 referrals, you can bet the prosecutors who are now digging into those cases are going to try to debrief, interview, and bring on board every one of those 14 people, and I’ll bet every one of them you can then sort of finger out into other potential misconduct by other folks.”


“That’s how we build cases,” he added.

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Disturbing video exposes the dangerous message a State Patrol officer told team: ‘Don’t kill them, but hit them hard’



Krystal Marx, the executive director of Seattle Pride, shared a disturbing video this week revealing the violent message an officer in the Washington State Patrol gave to his team as it prepared to confront protesters.

“Don’t kill them, but hit them hard,” he said as he walked through a group of his colleagues.

“I remember shaking,” Marx told the Seattle Times of the experience filming the patrol from her office window. “Why not say, ‘Restrain them, calmly’?”

Chris Loftis, a spokesperson for the patrol, gave the Times a statement trying to explain away the comment as poor “word choice,” but it was not reassuring:

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Siberia 10C hotter in warmest May on record: EU



Temperatures soared 10 degrees Celsius above average last month in Siberia, home to much of Earth's permafrost, as the world experienced its hottest May on record, the European Union's climate monitoring network said Friday.

The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) said May 2020 was 0.68C warmer than the average May from 1981 to 2010, with above average temperatures across parts of Alaska, Europe, North America, South America, swathes of Africa and Antarctica.

Globally, "the average temperature for the twelve months to May 2020 is close to 1.3C above the (pre-industrial) level", Copernicus said referring to the benchmark by which global warming is often measured.

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Trump stokes division in Republican Party as he rages at Sen. Lisa Murkowski



As the Republican Party is struggling to defend him in a moment of nationwide strife, President Donald Trump decided Thursday night to fuel divisions within GOP rather than make nice.

He had already lashed out on Wednesday at his former Defense Secretary James Mattis, who sharply criticized Trump’s response to the ongoing George Floyd protests. But on Thursday night, Trump took at aim at sitting Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

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