Mueller’s mystery referrals are ‘fueling anxiety’ as Trump rages against notetakers in the White House: report
President Donald Trump, pictured on April 18, 2019, again described the Mueller report as a "hoax." (AFP / Nicholas Kamm)

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump once again fumed about the Mueller report, calling it a "witch hunt."

Although the president initially appeared to celebrate the report's findings -- based on the very truncated memo written by Attorney General Bill Barr -- sources behind the scenes tell Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman that he was always furious about what he knew the full report would reveal.

Trump has reserved most of his public ire for former White House Special Counsel Don McGahn. But Vanity Fair found out that he's chiefly enraged at the so-called "notetakers" -- members of the administration, like Rob Porter, who took notes during meetings.

"The former officials Trump has vented about, sources told me, are a group known as 'the notetakers' that includes former White House counsel Don McGahn, McGahn’s deputy Annie Donaldson, and staff secretary Rob Porter," Sherman writes. '“The thing that pisses him off is the note-taking,”' a former West Wing official interviewed by Mueller told me. “Trump thinks they could have cooperated with Mueller without all the note-taking.”'

Sherman also noted that there might be more bad news for the White House.

'"Another vector fueling anxiety in Trumpworld is the shoes that have yet to drop, including the 12 criminal referrals mentioned in the report,"' Sherman writes.

According to Mueller's final report, the special counsel's team referred 14 criminal cases to other offices. Only two of those referrals are known. One was related to former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, while the other was related to former Obama White House counsel Gregory Craig.

“What are these 12 that we don’t know about? They will not be good,” a Republican close to the White House told Vanity Fair.

Read the report here.