Mueller's report uncovered a staggering number of Trump team lies: CNN
Composite image of Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen captures)

A new analysis of special counsel Robert Mueller's report found that Donald Trump and his team told a staggering number of lies to investigators and the public.

CNN found that the Trump team was caught in 77 lies by the Mueller report — and those lies took many different forms and had a number of disparate outcomes.

"Some of the lies that CNN found Mueller prosecuted as crimes -- like in the court cases against Michael Flynn, Trump's first national security adviser, who admitted to lying to the FBI, and Michael Cohen, his former lawyer and fixer who admitted to lying to Congress," the report noted.

Many of them did not, however, lead to court cases "since they were told by the President or his communications staff to the American public, at press conferences, in interviews and in official statements."

Others still were "lies by omission," CNN noted, "or involved wrong information given initially to investigators and then corrected, sometimes with consequence, sometimes without."

An infographic provided by CNN shows that there were 10 main topics Trump and his team lied or made false statements about — the Trump Tower Moscow project, the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, contacts with Russian nationals, the Trump Tower meeting, attempts to fire the special counsel, pardons, WikiLeaks, the role of Carter Page and Trump's "hush money" payments to women.

Of those topics, Trump team members by far lied or misled the most about the Trump Tower Moscow project: CNN found that they did so 31 times. After that, the firing of Comey came in at 13 untruths, with Russian lies and the Trump Tower meeting coming in at nine lies each.

Members of Trump's team lied about Flynn's calls with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak seven times and about the attempted firing of Mueller, presidential pardons and WikiLeaks two times each.

Coming in last was a single Trump campaign lie to reporters about Page having "no role" on their team and a Cohen lie in which he said the president was not "a party to" the hush money payments. The Cohen lie "became part of Cohen's guilty plea in 2018 for related crimes in a case brought by federal prosecutors in New York," the report noted.

Read the entire report via CNN.