Nazi-loving Washington man gets busted for plot to murder 30 Jews – and cops find an arsenal of guns

A Monroe, Washington man was arrested after posting multiple threats to shoot Jewish people to social media, reports The Herald.

20-year old Dakota Reed was charged with two felonies after he allegedly posted plans to murder Jews as well as selfies of himself doing a Nazi salute. He also boasted about his vast gun collection. Detectives found 12 guns in his home.

“I’m shooting for 30 Jews,” he wrote on November 11th. “No pun needed. Long ways away anyways. See you Goys.” He also referenced being the next Dylann Roof.

When detectives questioned him he had trouble explaining what drove him to threaten the lives of Jews.

“I’ve been around some Jews in my life,” he said. “There’s a community here in Washington. They’ve done things as far as to — um. Maybe it wasn’t too personal, but I’ve had them lie to me, I’ve had them, um, I guess, well, this one probably wasn’t their fault, but I’ve had girls like them over me. I’ve, uh, what was the other one?”

He also said he'd been fired by a Jewish person before, according to the Herald. His bail was set at $50,000 and he left jail after posting bond.