NBC analyst explains how Democrats can beat AG Barr in the battle over the Mueller report
NBC News national affairs analyst John Heilemann (screengrab)

NBC News national affairs analyst John Heilemann explained why he thinks Democrats can beat Attorney General in the "war" over releasing special counsel Robert Mueller's report during a Wednesday appearance on MSNBC's "The Last Word" with Lawrence O'Donnell.

"What is coming is a war," Heilemann explained.

"This is still -- this Mueller report -- every day the stakes of it actually are rising now, rather than having the air let out of the balloon as people thought for a brief moment when it first was reported out," he explained. "This is a war we're going to be in the middle of right now."

But he believed that Barr's testimony provided a roadmap for Democrats to win.

"I understand it's dismaying and disheartening, but if I'm fighting that battle on the Democratic side, I want to understand my enemy and the kind of -- what the play is and what are the kinds of mistakes they're likely to make," he said.

"I think Barr revealed a lot about himself, the weaknesses of himself as a political player over the course of the last two days. In that sense it's heartening for Democrats because this is a guy I think who can be had," Heilemann concluded.