‘Never forget, the crime’: Trump doubles down in fear as DOJ announces Mueller report release date
US President Donald Trump has a uniquely combative relationship with the media, which he denounces as "fake news," except in a handful of cases, including his favored Fox News network (AFP Photo/NICHOLAS KAMM)

President Donald Trump is on a plane to Minneapolis, to visit the district of Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, who has been his number one target recently, causing death threats against her to spike.

On his way, minutes after the Dept. of Justice announced a redacted version of the Mueller report will now not be released until Thursday, a terrified Trump took to Twitter and showed his fear.

Clearly the president is living in fear, because why would he also have posted this tweet earlier today if he were so confident?

The actual facts have been stated time and time and time again.

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Mueller, who has been "appointed to offices by Republican presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, as well as by Democrats Bill Clinton and Barack Obama," is a Republican.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller, is a Republican.

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a Republican.

Those "18 Angry Democrats" used to be "17 Angry Democrats," and "13 hardened Democrats," but whatever.

Many mocked the President after he posted the latest round of fear-revealing tweets: