Here's what to look for at Barr's morning press conference: CNN justice reporter
Bill Barr during his Senate confirmation hearing. (Screenshot)

Attorney General Bill Barr announced that he would hold a press conference on Thursday morning to discuss special Robert Mueller's report.

CNN's Justice reporter Laura Jarrett explained the implications of this press conference and explained Barr's possible motive for hosting one.

"What is the reasoning behind the attorney general giving this press conference tomorrow, either before or after or simultaneous to the release of the redacted version of the Mueller's report?" CNN's Jake Tapper asked.

"The timing here is interesting," she said. "We don't yet know when the actual redacted report is coming out. All we know right now is that the Attorney General Bill Barr, will appear at 9:30."

"If he does it before we see the report, that's obviously a different sort of move than if we see it afterward and have the benefit of having pored through it, asking informed questions," she added.

"Either way, we know he is going to take questions. He is going to make a statement. No questions off limits there, so we'll, of course, have free rein to pepper him about anything we like," she said.

Watch below via CNN: