Not even Trump's own supporters find him 'sexy, handsome or physically fit': report
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President Donald Trump is constantly touting his poll numbers as if they're the same as television ratings. But drilling down on recent polls reveal even his allies don't really think that highly of him.

A New York Times report detailed the president's "E-Score," which is a number compiled by E-Poll Market Research. The details are for marketing and television executives and advertisers who use the numbers to determine the best targeting to do around their viewers.

"In terms of those attributes, Mr. Trump was most often described as 'aggressive' (48 percent) and 'mean' (38 percent)," The Times reported Monday. "He also scored high for being 'insincere,' 'confident' and 'creepy.' But he scored between 0 and 4 percent for the attributes of 'sexy,' 'impartial,' 'handsome' and 'physically fit.'"

The company began tracking Trump when he was on "The Apprentice," spokesperson Randy Parker told The Times.

The company, which has about 10,000 profiles in its database and surveys about 1,100 online participants every week, started tracking Mr. Trump when he was a television personality on “The Apprentice,” according to a spokesman, Randy Parker.

Less than ten years ago, in 2010, Trump’s Q Score showed he was popular with African-American and Hispanic audiences. Surprisingly more so than with white viewers, journalist Joshua Green wrote in his book “Devil’s Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump and the Nationalist Uprising,” . “We do not approve of the use of E-Poll’s data in this story and cannot confirm or deny the information you were given,” E-Poll's spokesperson said.