Now that Trump thinks he's 'vindicated' -- he might let his craziest ideas fly free
President Donald Trump delivers angry remarks at the White House/MSNBC screen shot

President Donald Trump clearly thought that special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation was the end of his nightmarish first time. It's unclear if he realized that his hell is just beginning.

In a Daily Beast op-ed, columnist Margaret Carlson schooled the president on why he's "home alone." Sure, it's been said before when Generals Mattis, McMaster, and Kelly left the president's government to be run by the whims of a madman and his followers.

"Trump, convinced he alone outwitted the deep state, is now unleashed to be a purer version of himself," wrote Carlson Sunday. "He will listen even less to his aides, except the most servile, like the recently appointed Attorney General William Barr who followed directions perfectly with his No Collusion, No Collusion Summary of the Mueller Report, stopping just short of his boss declaring it 'b*llshit.' To all those who thought Trump would have brought in a lawyer who hadn’t passed his Roy Cohn test for abject loyalty, think again."

The president's ego is now the one in control of the Oval Office. "Those left in the administration are the ones who give in to Trump’s worst impulses," Carlson said.

The past weeks have revealed that former White House counsel Don McGahn joined the list of administration officials who managed to save the president from himself over the years. McGahn confessed that the greatest pet peeve of Trump's was being told that he couldn't do something because it was against the law. The president would fly into a two-year-old-like rage when he was "no." Trump was ultimately protected by many of those grown-ups in the room, who refused to allow illegal actions to move forward as policies. Now that those people are gone, it's unclear if Trump's administration will sink into his own worse instincts.

"The current acting Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, is almost enough to induce nostalgia for that bygone co-chiefs Reince Priebus, the wimpy operative who felt 'blessed' to be in the White House, and Steve Bannon, the angry white supremacist driven out for bad grooming," wrote Carlson. "Mulvaney is a step-down, debased like so many are under this president by the qualifier “acting” in his title, Trump’s management innovation that makes every day audition day for a permanent job."

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was next in Carlson's sightline. "A smoother liar," she wrote, Sanders can appear before the press and spin false takes better than Spicer, whose poker-face was worse than a nun.

Then there's Stephen Miller, the suspected white nationalist gives life to the worse of Trump's ideas.

Attorney General Bill Barr has already fulfilled the objective for which he was hired, and he may have taken his legacy down with it. "You’d never know Mueller and Barr worked for the same Department of Justice, as Barr argued only for Trump," wrote Carlson.

"Without adult supervision, Team Miller just got approval from Justice to hold those trying to make an asylum claim outside ports of entry until their hearing, which could be years, or corral them in Mexico," wrote Carlson. "He’s aiming to flood Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco and other so-called sanctuary cities with Central American immigrants. Not to scare anyone, but the troops Trump ordered to the border are still there. General Mattis at least ordered them not to shoot anyone who didn’t shoot them first, but that’s not how Miller rolls."

"With 'Trump Clean' and 2020 looming, we’re finally going to see the president unbound," she closed. "This is the start of his presidency and, as he said when he thought Mueller meant the end of it, we’re f*cked."

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