'Privately Trump was really upset' with top aides who did defy him: Washington Post reporter
President Donald Trump delivers a sweaty speech in Wheeling, West Virginia during which he made up a bizarre alternative history of the Democratic Party's name/Screenshot

According to Washington Post reporter Phil Rucker, President Donald Trump was "privately" furious with his top aides. During an MSNBC panel discussion Monday, Rucker sarcastically called it a "happy" Easter weekend at Mar-a-Lago, where Trump spent another vacation.

"The president was so focussed on this Mueller report and privately he was really upset and pointing his ire at Don McGahn, the White House counsel, because he shows up in those footnotes again and again and again, revealing some very damaging scenes to Mueller and the investigators," said Rucker.

However, he urged the public to remember why McGahn was so willing to cooperate with the special counsel and other White House aides followed suit.

"That’s because of a decision that Trump and his lawyers made at the outset of this investigation to fully cooperate," Rucker explained. "It was President Trump who waived executive privilege to allow his White House aides to sit for interviews and become witnesses to sit for the special counsel at a decision made at the urging of Ty Cobb and John Dowd, who felt if these other witnesses were to cooperate they could get away without having the president sit for an interview."

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